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Extending Volume with Diskpart

had to extend a data drive on a virtual windows server 2003 sp2 system running on ESXi 4.1. extending the disk in vcenter was no big deal. after a rescan in the disk manager in windows, the new and unused diskspace was visible.

next step would be extending the affected volume with diskpart. list disk did show the unused space. then i did select the affected volume and tried to extend. normaly this works great, but this time i run into the following message:

The volume you have selected may not be extended.
Please select another volume and try again

There is a KB from ms which does address this problem. ( But it is only for pre sp1 systems. in my case i had a fully patched 2003 sp2 server.

after a closer look at the system configuration i figured out that the affected volume is used for pagefile. After chaning the the system properties and disabling the pagefile on this drive (you have to reboot after that), i could successfully extend the drive with diskpart.

List Disk
sel volume <volume id>

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